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Joomla! Web Design

I began learning Joomla! on my own out of necessity.  Ludwig Recordings needed a website, so I was encouraged to use Joomla! as a platform by another web designer.   He taught me the basics to get up and going, and away I went.   I enjoyed building the site very much and quickly fell in love with Joomla!  Soon, I started to build and maintain several more sites for friends and family (including this one).  It became quickly apparent that I was well suited to web design and had a natural talent and passion for it.

If you are looking for a web designer for a small to large sized Joomla! site, feel free to contact me through this site.  

The following is a list of sites that I built and maintain:

Active Sites:

http://www.chrisludwig.com http://www.ludwigrecordings.com
http://www.frankludwig.ca http://www.cliffridley.com
http://www.backcountrybc.ca http://haggardearth.com
http://www.daniellemarcinek.ca http://www.bcmountainfoundation.ca

Defunct/Shut Down:

 http://www.garibaldipark2020.com  http://www.thegutsycookbook.ca