ChrisHalf400Flute 02



Dreams and Darkness

My Teeth 

I dreamt last night that I was awake
thinking about my predicament

it was a hard time to tell
where to dwell
in heaven
or in hell

and should it be
I could live as dead
a fantasy of my head?

I saw my skull
my rotten teeth
as I tried to speak
but the dream wouldn’t let me

and soon the teeth vanished into sleep
a darkness I’ll forever keep

Night Walker

Heaven knows the night walker
whose strides owns no pavement
over the branches and backyards
of the restless and weary

travel in the garden of night
where ownership sees no bounds
and the wind has thoughts and dreams
that blow the houses and the office blocks

meet the wind
prey on the nightmares and bedrooms of days
to want and to straddle
all that is not
and all that could be


Darker than the Crow

The pile of crumbs and the crow
will play you for dumb

I chased the bird and it was scared
the usual trickster’s game
and the gun
and trees

the base of practice
the tank of reason

man is it all
dominion over the birds
God has told us so

we are a squabble over endless shadows of desire
the prophesy of tongues and neckties

progress into a peace darker than the crow
who chatters dreams we may never reach