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Discourse for Two Flutes - Volume 0

Discourse for Two Flutes – Volume 0 showcases a wide variety of compositional styles including minimalism, neoclassicism, serialism, atonality, polytonality, quotation music, blues and impressionism.  This 8 ½ x 11 book is 48 pages and features 36 pieces ranging from easy to moderately difficult.  Unlike later volumes, this progressive book is appropriate for intermediate students.  Each piece is no more than two pages in length and usually addresses a specific technical problem.  Some common features include repetitive minimalist patterns, written out ornaments, abrupt dotted rhythms, challenges relating to balance, dynamics, tone and intonation, variegated meter, rhythmic intricacies and ensemble work.  The aim of volume 0 was to create a set of duets where players can casually enjoy 21st century music.  While the works in this book use a contemporary language, most are lyrical and affectionate.  Dissonance is treated in a flowing manner, with tension usually surrounded by moments of relaxation.       

This book was labeled Volume 0 because it is progressively easier than volumes 1 and 2.  The character of volume 0 is also considerably lighter than the other volumes.

Discourse for Two Flutes - Volume 0 | 12.95 USD | Shipping +9.00 USD

The following are some sample pages and sound clips (recorded by myself and XiangQun Shao) from Volume 0:

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Discourse for Two Flutes - Volume 0

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